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Museum of Memory

[Urban Planning], [Architecture]

GSAPP, Joint Studio with Urban Planning


Team: Qi Yang, Ge Guo

Instructor: Richard Plunz and Douglas Woodward


We tried to heal the physical as well as the mental through cherishing the daily objects of everyone on Vieques Island. All daily objects will be scanned and stored in the VR Museum. Different types of objects will be exhibited on different renovated ruins.

Prototype of the VR Library

The pipe is the gift from the local artist Ardelle, we scanned it and make it the first artifact of the museum

Seven distinctive ruins, seven distinctive communal activities

ARCH_Plunz_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_07_Perspe
ARCH_Plunz_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_06_Perspe
ARCH_Plunz_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_02_Perspe
ARCH_Plunz_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_05_Perspe
ARCH_Plunz_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_01_Perspe
ARCH_Plunz_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_03_Perspe
ARCH_Plunz_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_04_Perspe
ARCH_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_07_photo.jpg
ARCH_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_04_photo.jpg
ARCH_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_03_photo.jpg
ARCH_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_02_photo.jpg
ARCH_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_05_photo.jpg
ARCH_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_08_photo.jpg
ARCH_Ge Guo_Qi Yang_SP19_06_photo.jpg
Development Short Mid Long.jpg
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